key people

We’re a mixture of scientists, conceptual thinkers, problem solvers
and creative minds – always curious to learn new things.

clare chamberlain

Joint Managing Director

Clare heads up strategy at CAN, and is
renowned for bringing clarity to the complex, and
defining watertight strategies that form the foundation of informed, impactful client campaigns.


Finding the insight that transforms the
ordinary into the extraordinary.

lisa dodd

Joint Managing Director

Lisa heads the Client Services team at CAN.
By demanding excellence, she makes sure CAN
delivers award-winning work that's
strategically rigorous and creatively dynamic.


Asking the questions that determine what our client
needs, before they know they need it.

robert chamberlain

Account Director

Rob makes it his business to know yours, drawing
on his wealth of experience across the pharma
market to get to the heart of the business issue.


Never settling for the obvious, but finding
answers that are tailor-made for each client.

cathy garcia

Head of Copy

Cathy is a wordsmith extraordinaire.
Whether it's a snappy strapline, a heavy
duty clinical piece or an emotionally charged
tactical item, she makes sure our copy is
hard-hitting and tonally spot-on.


Knowing when to push it and when to rein
in over-enthusiastic claims.

corinne jones

Head of Design

Corinne's work never goes out of style.
Approaching every brief with a fresh
perspective, Corinne pores over every detail of
each visual we produce, because she knows if it
isn't perfect, it isn't right.


Learning that less is more.